Winner of the FIPRESCI Award for Best Foreign Language Film of the Year at the Palm Springs International Film Festival

Statement of the Jury:
"Revanche from Austria is the suspenseful story of a heist whose unexpected repercussions radiate out with satisfying moral complexity."

Winner of the first Prize "AURORA" at the Tromsö International Filmfestival (Norway)

Winner of the FIPRESCI  Award  at the Tromsö International Filmfestival (Norway)

Winner of the "Europa Cinemas Label" as Best European film in the Berlin Film Festival’s Panorama section

Statement of the Jury:
“This is a very well made and dramatic film that we believe has the potential to grip audiences around Europe. The story is absorbing, the characters well drawn and the performances uniformly strong. This is true European cinema at its best – an authentic and uncompromised view of a
corner of Europe.”

Winner of the "Diagonale Prize" as Best Austrian film of the Diagonale 2008

Winner of the "Art-Cinéma-Award 2008" of the CICAE (Confédération Internationale des Cinémas D´Art et Essai)

Statement of the Jury:
"The Panorama-Jury gives the Art-Cinéma-Award 2008 to Austrian director Götz Spielmanns Revanche, a very thoroughfully written and directed film about the struggle for a better, for a civil life. The director chooses the form of a calm and quiet drama to tell a very universal, emotional story about the loss of dreams, about moral values, love and forgiveness. What makes Revanche so much different of linear dramas or simple-crime-movies are it‘s very subtle interpreted, multi-dimensional characters and the writer-director is supported here by magnificent actors who are responsible for the films incredible richness."

"From A to A-Award" at the Internationalen Filmfestival in Motovun, Croatia

Statement of the Jury:
"The prize is awarded to Revanche by Götz Spielmann, with particular appreciation of the convincing way in which it treats both the eastern and the western post-communist situtuation. The modern-day claustrophobia is presented through impressive performances of the cast, skillfull camerawork and a consistent directing approach."

Two Prizes at the Internationalen Filmfestival in Monterrey, Mexico: Bestes Screenplay and Audience Award

First Prize  "Star 2008" at the Fünf Seen Filmfestival in Starnberg

First Prize  "fliegender Ochse" at the 18th Filmkunstfest M-V in Schwerin

Irina Potapenko wins the Award as Best Actress  at the Max Ophüls Festival in Saarbrücken (Germany)

Martin Gschlacht wins the Diagonale Prize of the AAC for Best Camera 2008

Maria Gruber  wins  the Femina Film Prize for set design in Revanche

Statement of the Jury:
"The precision of Maria Gruber’s production design has convinced the jury. Her rooms hint in a subtle way to the characters’ personality. They conduce to the story and blend beautifully with the costumes to form a whole. Her production design is special without trying too hard. It manages to be at the same time surprising and truthfull while renouncing the cliche. This way places paces come into being that will be remembered."


Istanbul 09  from 04th of April 2009  to 19th of April 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey
San Francisco 09  from 15th of January 2009  to 21th of January 2009 in San Francisco, California
Tromsö International Filmfestival  09  from 13th of January 2009  to 18th of January 2009 in Tromsö, Norway, 2 Prizes
Palm Springs 09  from 08th of January 2009  to 19th of January 2009 in Palm Springs, California, Fipresci Award
Tallinn 08 Black Nights from 28th of November 2008  to 7th of December 2008 in Tallinn, Estonia
Belgrade 08  from 27th of November 2008  to 2nd of December 2008 in Belgrade, Serbia
Vilnius: Scanorama 08  from 13th of November 2008  to 30th of November 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania
Sao Paulo 08  from 17th of October 2008  to 30th of October 2008 in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sevilla 08  from 7th of November 2008  to 15th of November 2008 in Sevilla, Spain
Los Angeles 08  from 30th of October 2008  to 9th of November 2008 in Los Angeles,  California
Chicago 08  from 16th of October 2008  to  29th of October 2008 in Chicago, Illinois
London 08 from 15th of October 2008 to 30th of October 2008 in London, Great Britain
Haifa 08 from 14th of October 2008 to 21th of October 2008 in Haifa, Jerusalem
Warschau 08
from 10th of October 2008 to 19th of October 2008 in Warschau, Poland
Osnabrück 08 from 08th of October 2008 to 12th of October 2008 in Osnabrück, Germany
Morelia 08 from 4th of October 2008 to 12th of October 2008 in Morelia, Mexico
Pusan 08 from 2nd of October 2008 to 10th of October 2008 in Pusan, Korea
Reykjavik 08 from 25th September 2008 to 5th October 2008 in Reykjavik, Iceland
Vancouver 08 from 25th of September 2008 to 10th to October 2008 in Vancouver, Canada
Zürich 08 from 25th of September 2008 to 5th of October 2008 in Zurich, Switzerland
Oldenburg 08 from 10th of September 2008 to 14th of September 2008 in Oldenburg, Deutschland
Toronto 08 from 4th of September 2008 to 13th to September 2008 in Toronto, Canada
Telluride 08 from 29th of August 2008 to 1st of September 2008 in Telluride, Colorado
Espoo 08  from 19th of August 2008 to 24th of August 2008 in Espoo, Finland
Monterrey 08 from 15th of August 2008 to 23th of August 2008 in Monterrey, Mexico, 2 Prizes
Sarajevo 08 from 15th of August 2008 to 23th of August 2008 in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina
Brisbane 08 from 31th of July 2008 to 10th of August 2008 in Brisbane, Australia
Motovun from 28th of July 2008 to 1st of August 2008 in Motovun, Croatia, A to A Award
Melbourne 08 from 25th of July 2008 to 10th of August 2008 in Melbourne, Australia
Fünf Seen Festival from 2nd July 2008 to 9th of July 2008 in Starnberg, Germany, First Prize
Karlovy Vary Film Festival from 4th of July 2008 to 12th of July 2008 in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
Sydney 08 Film Festival from 4th of June 2008 to 22th of June  2008 in Sydney, Australia
Brussels 08 from 28th of June to 6th of July in Brussels, Belgium
18. Filmkunstfestes M-V from 29th of April 2008 to 4th of Mai 2008 in Schwerin, Germany, First Prize
Festival Austrian Films from 1st of April 2008 to 6th of April 2008 in Graz, First Prize, Prize for Best Camera
59. Berlinale
from 5th of February 2008 to 15th of February2008 in Berlin, 3 Prizes