as Konecny

Viennese actor and restaurateur, born in 1949. After finishing an apprenticeship as a pastry cook, he studied at the Lamert-Offer drama school.

1974 first theater engagement at the Schauspielhaus Wien. Has worked with the following directors: Hans Gratzer, Dieter Haspel, Karl Heinz Hackl, Frank Castorf, George Tabori, Beverly Blankenship, Marti Fried, Paulus Manker, etc.

In addition to stage plays he has appeared in numerous television and theatrical-film productions by Maximilian Schell, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Xaver Schwarzenberger, Franz Novotny, Peter Patzak, Reinhard Schwabenitzky, Axel Corti, etc.

Loves the sweet and bittersweet things of life, like all true natives of Vienna.