Born in Villach in 1957. Karina Ressler graduated from the Vienna Film Academy and has been a sought-after editor for feature and made-for-TV films in Austria and Germany since 1985.

Filmography, selection
42 Plus (Sabine Derflinger, 2007)
Außer Konkurrenz – André Heller (Othmar Schmiderer, 2006)
Falling (Barbara Albert, 2006)
Sleeper (Benjamin Heisenberg, second editor: Stefan Stabenow, 2006)
Hotel (Jessica Hausner, 2004)
Antares (Götz Spielmann, 2004)
The Danube (Goran Rebic, second editor: Martin Mattusiak, 2003)
The Whore’s Son (Michael Sturminger, 2003)
Blue Moon (Andrea Dusl, 2002)
State of the Nation (Barbara Albert, Michael Sturminger, Michael Glawogger, Ulrich Seidl, documentary, 2002)
Step on It (Sabine Derflinger, 2001)