„Deliberation clearly can turn the regular into the accomplished. Revanche does just that...“
(Daniel Kasman, The Auteurs Cinema, 18.2.2008)

„...it quietly attested to Spielmann's virtues as both writer and director: his patience, his watchful eye, his essentially compassionate view of human nature.“
(Shane Danielsen, indiewire.com, 13.2.2008)

„Impressive lensing from Martin Gschlacht, the key cinematographer for Austria's young helmers, provides simplicity and clarity, while concise cutting by Karina Ressler allows no gratuitous moments in  a pic that clocks in at just over two hours. With "Revanche" his strongest work yet, Spielmann creates high expectations for the future.“
(Alissa Simon, Variety, 15.2.2008)

"Another (great) surprise, shown in the Panorama section, Revanche, by the Austrian Götz Spielmann, gives off all the hallmarks of a thriller in the first part, only to discard them subsequently. (...) Spielmann's fellow countrymen, Michael Haneke or Ulrich Seidl, would have allowed this situation to lead naturally to carnage and misanthropic musing. But Spielmann focuses on the irruption of tragedy in the lives of ordinary people to imagine different conclusions to the spectacular catharsis expected by everybody."
(Didier Peron, Libération, 11.2 2008)

„...a breathtaking portrayal of feelings that are hard to describe with words.“
(Boyd van Hoeij, european-films.net, 10.2.2008)

"So, as a viewer, you’re happy with a director who gives you the feeling he can be trusted, because he shows everything in a focused, purist, effective crystalline form. That’s what I treasure about these films. For example, Götz Spielmann’s Revanche, a drama set in Austria which partially resembles a “homeland” film – in the sense of being a grand drama. "
(Wieland Speck, Sektionsleiter des Panorama)

„Revanche shows just how successfully one can transpose the plot and character based drama of Hollywood to the refined style of European art-house cinema without hampering it with a sense self-importance.“
(Daniel Kasman, The Auteurs Cinema, 18.2.2008)

„...one of the major discoveries!“
(Patrick Z. McGavin, stopsmilingonline.com, 21.2.2008)