After being trained as a hairdresser she spent a few years working at the Volkstheater. Training as a makeup artist, wig production of wigs, special effects, makeup, hairpieces and beards, training for historical film, body painting.

Selection of her work as a makeup artist:
Der Keller (directed by Eva Urthaler), Crash Test Dummies (directed by Jörg Kalt), Die Heilerin (directed by Holger Bartel), Mit nichts nach oben (directed by Reinhard Schwabenitzky), Antares (directed by Götz Spielmann), Böse Zellen (directed by Barbara Albert), Am anderen Ende der Brücke (directed by Hu Mei), Fräulein Phyllis (directed by Clemens Schönborn), All the Queen’s Men (directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky), Edelweiss (directed by Xaver Schwarzenberger), Christian 3 (directed by Niki List), Alma, Bride of the Wind (directed by Bruce Beresford), Gelbe Kirschen (directed by Leopold Lummerstorfer), Die Fremde (directed by Götz Spielmann)