Music advisor

Composer, musician and producer.

After studying violin at Vienna’s Conservatory founded the Matterhorn Produktion sound studio/label together with Eddie Siblik. Music productions, etc. for and with Hansi Lang, Günther “Mo” Mokesch, Atomic Bishop, etc. Since 2000 has worked together with Christian Brandauer (theater productions) and Marnix Veenenbos (productions of film music), etc.

Selection of theatrical films with his music
Beasty Girl (directed by Johannes Fabrick), Die Fremde (directed by Götz Spielmann), Heimspiel (directed by Pepe Danquart), Kaltfront (directed by Valentin Hitz), Nacktschnecken (directed by Michael Glawogger), C®ook (directed by Pepe Danquart), Antares (directed by Götz Spielmann)